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From Stone to Pixels

Trillium Graphics was founded by David Salgado in 1979, doing hand printed fine art editions from stone. Since that time Trillium has evolved from stone lithography; to offset lithography, to monotype and monoprint, to screen printing, to etching and finally to digital. In our time we have covered pretty much every print medium.

Regardless of the medium we try to find new and innovative ways to collaborate with our artists to make the best work possible. Currently we are focused on making mixed media pieces which combine digital printing, hand painting, gilding and layers of resin. One of the benefits of digital printing is that instead of having to make an edition of 250, you can just as easily make an edition of one. This has allowed us to put more time and energy into each piece, so that much of the work we do are unique pieces or very small editions. This flexibility has also allowed us to play with scale, doing projects as small as five inch squares to 20 foot masterpieces. We are only bound by our imagination (and our ability to lift heavy things).

We also continue to make small edition variée serial monoprints, using our own proprietary offset process. This process allows us to get up to five or six nearly identical prints from the plate.

From stone to pixels Trillium Graphics is commited to innovation and invention in our approach to printmaking!


Look at us, we're pretty neat!

Check out our soap box derby cars

See Don Ed Hardy at work in the shop

Don Ed Hardy 2000 Dragons scroll

Hung Liu talks about Za Zhong process

Enrique Chagoya makes paperplate monoprint at Trillium



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