The Limestone Series

Capturing the spirit of stone lithography and hand drawing using Hung Liu’s Dorthea Lang imagery.

There is a romanticism to traditional lithography that stems from the anachronism of drawing on a stone. The limestone itself is ancient and carved out by hand, and the process of making a delicate drawing on something so unwieldy is the very antithesis of the modern world in which technology has erased the need for this kind of physical, visceral form of print making. 

There is something primal about seeing a drawing on stone that is uniquely satisfying. Often the stone itself has a quality to it that is more beautiful than the paper prints pulled from it, and it is something usually only the print maker sees. The stones, once printed, are laboriously grained to resurface the stone and the image is erased leaving no trace of the drawing except for a patina of ink on the side. 

There is also a romanticism to hand drawn images that is about the human effort and care required to translate an image and an emotion through the hand which too is an anachronism in the age of photography. There is something so powerfully personal about it, and the irony of recreating iconic photography by hand with these beautiful wash drawings is so evocative of a different time and place. 

So what better way to marry anachronism and irony than to recreate antiquated image making using a digital process. The end result is similar in concept to catching a ghost in a jar, bringing the spirit of a different time into the present as a physical object. That is the goal of The Limestone Series.

Each of the Limestone Series are in an edition of 3

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