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Trillium Graphics has been doing traditional lithography since 1979, joining the postwar hand printing revival. We did our first edition of prints by hand from stone. Since then we have been serving the fine art community as producers and publishers of limited edition fine art prints.

Working in collaboration with artists, we lean toward producing work which reflects the individual creative processes, unique to each artist. Over the years we have incorporated lithography, monotype, silk screen, digital and many experimental and proprietary techniques to help artists achieve the sublime marriage of the Material with the Creative.

Trillium's success is based on the powerful combination of collaboration and artistic vision. On the outset of every printmaking project we embark upon, the artist has a vision of what they want to produce. That vision is then expanded upon by collaboration with our Master Printmaker, David Salgado.
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As a publisher we are working with several artists who we have invited to collaborate with us in the shop.

Hung Liu 
Hung Liu
Blue Bird Santa Fe, 2006

The artists we are currently working with are:
Hung Liu
Don Ed Hardy
Eric Zener
Liu Xiao Dong

Please check out our Gallery page to see images of our published artists work