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Liu XiaoDong

The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco has this to say of the work of Liu Xiaodong:

"A figurative painter with an understated touch, Liu Xiaodong (born 1963 in Liaoning province, China) is one of China’s leading and most passionate artists. He has found a way to chronicle—without cynicism—what might be called the psychic landscape of a society in transition."

Trillium Graphics is pleased to announce the first lithographic print editions of Liu Xiaodong's work available in the United States.

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  liu xiao dong
liu xiao dong liu xiao dong Eric Zener, Bursting Study #2, 2008
Eric Zener, Bursting Through, 2008 Eric Zener, Ascending, 2008 Eric Zener, Butterfly II, 2008 Eric Zener, Butterfly, 2008