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Eric Zener

The Great Escape
Foster White Gallery
May 1st-June 4th

Eric Zener has been working with Trillium for a number of years printing editions of his paintings. Now for the first time we are honored to say we are collaborating with Eric to make a new body of work.These reflective, meditative works are based on photographs Eric has been taking of swimmers and beaches in California and Spain.

While many of the photographs were taken with digital snapshot cameras or even cell phone cameras the images themselves convey an idea of light and color that somehow manages to portray the halcyon glow of memory. This idea is pushed further with the addition of hand painting and the application of gold and silver leaf.

With Eric's innate ability to create and condense a moment he transports us not to the beach in our earthly realm but to the candy colored, sun bathed beach of our imagination.

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